5 Reasons to Work With Us

5-reasonsIt’s incredible to see how many lives we change and how many dreams are fulfilled after going through our services. With a very concise, transparent and speed efficient consulting approach, we know exactly what our clients need and find them the best financial option for their scenario.

It isn’t a coincidence that 95% of our clients who work with us receive a loan offer by utilizing our service.

Below are the top 5 Reasons Why it’s valuable to work with us:

1.DIRECT-LENDER PORTFOLIO – When you first start looking for financing, your local institutions are usually who you sought out first. With over 100+ Direct Lenders — that span all over the United States — in our network, we present options that might not have been on your radar when you initially were considering options for your loan request. This can be really advantageous, because it can give you access to different loan options that cater more towards your financing request or to repayment options that are geared more toward your favor.

2.TRANSPARENCY – Isn’t this what everyone wants from a business? We do. From the second you give us the green light, we go into great detail as to what to expect — from our end and yours. From the moment we package your loan and send it to a Lender to keeping you clued in on the Lender’s feedback on your request, we take pride in holding your hand every step of the way throughout the entirety of the financing process.

3. KNOWLEDGE – We pride ourselves in going the “extra mile” in conducting our own analysis or “soft underwriting” on our client’s loan request before sending the package to our Lender network. This is an important step to bridge so that the process is more streamlined and you can have a “second set of eyes” on your loan request before it hits the eyes of the Lenders

4. SPEED – Being quick and efficient is always something that we bring to the table with our clients. As soon as we get the initial information we need from you we then quickly tap into our network and find the best options (based on your business need) to choose from. Typically we can give you an answer and a loan options list within 24-48 hours.

5. WE WORK FOR YOU – We are ALWAYS on your side! We simply speak and fight for you on your behalf to the Lender. While working with other Brokers and financial professionals, they may be communicating to what are in the best interests of their employers. We, being a family-owned and operated Brokerage, we always do what is best for you, ensuring a smooth and well-strategized process.

At the end of the day, we are generally interested in long-term relationships in that we will always do our very best in finding the best deal/option for you.


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