Purchase Order Financing For Pre-Purchased Products

Purchase Order FinancingIf you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or seller of pre-purchased products that’s looking to expand your market share, finding the right financial tools needed to achieve this goal can be difficult. Traditional lending tools aren’t often designed with the unique aspects of the supply chain in mind, and selling equity in your company for the promise of financial support may not be your best option. Not to worry; we here at Hudson Commercial Capital Lending, LLC have the financing tool you’ve been searching for.

Benefits of Our Assistance

Our Purchase Order Financing Program was specifically designed to help supply chain partners such as yourself enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased customer loyalty through timely deliveries of goods and/or services
  • Larger profits generated by taking on larger orders
  • Fast access to business capital to meet a customer’s immediate demands

These benefits can be yours through the many different tools that we offer as part of this program. These include Letters of Credit for trade finance, domestic trade purchases, and/or import or export transactions, as well as production finance for work-in-progress orders.

A Great Option For Your Business

We understand the unique challenges that you encounter due to your position in the supply chain. That’s why our Purchase Order Financing Program is such a great option for you. It helps you to meet the financial demands of production, trade, and distribution while avoiding the need to increase your bank debt or sell off ownership in your company. Call today to speak with one of our commercial finance experts for more information on this exciting financing opportunity.